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([personal profile] watervole Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:37 pm)
 I'm nearing the end of a piece of cross-stitch that I've been working on for about a decade.  It isn't that big a project, but I had detours into knitting another other embroideries.  This used to be my 'travel' embroidery, in a case ready to go and easy to take anywhere knowing that I had all the necessary bits to do it.

It had a border of poppies and cornflowers and space for my own text in the middle.

But I can't decide what words to put in the centre.  It can't be too lengthy, a dozen words at most, and fewer might be better.

I'm hunting for something that says we don't need loads of possessions to be happy; that a garden is a great source of contentment; that life is to be enjoyed while you have it and maybe something ecological as well.

Now, clearly one can't manage all of that....

Random ideas have included:

Gardeners live longer

To be content is the key to happiness

We only have one world, treat it gently

Toss ideas at me.  Anything that sounds good.

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([personal profile] james_davis_nicoll Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:53 pm)
My Friday reviews rotated between four long running series? Say, Vorkosigan, Kitty and two others?
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Wednesday evening's radio club committee meeting was about as interesting as you might expect, but at least it didn't last as long as usual. I was home very shortly after 10pm, and got an early night.

I was awake quite early on Thursday. The morning's Morse practice went a lot better than it's gone in quite a while. Only one word caused me trouble. However, after it was over, much of the rest of the day was a bit of a struggle, energy-wise. A bit of stuff got done, but much less than might have been.

I spent a little more time tidying on Friday, but again ran short of energy and motivation before I got very far. It's still at the "things get messier before they get tidier" stage.

In the evening, however, there was gaming. At young A's request we played 7 Wonders, and Phil won. It was a short enough game that I was home before 10:30pm.

It rained overnight, and it has also been raining randomly and heavily at intervals all day. I have done a bit more tidying. I've also spent a bit of time trying to catch SOTA activators on the radio, Radio conditions ruminations )

Edit 7 hours later: Well, quite a bit of stuff has found itself a home in the workshop or the boiler cupboard, and there's a lot less on the floor now. There's further to go, but much less far than there was this morning.

Tomorrow there's an NMC rehearsal.
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([personal profile] watervole Jul. 21st, 2017 07:34 pm)
 I only used to eat runner beans when cooked, but many years ago now, I observed my mother-in-law's tortoise eating raw runner beans with great enthusiasm.   So I tried one and found that I liked it.

Oswin does too.  Really likes them.  Can eat several in a day.

Today, she was eating a slice of cake.  Grandad came in with fresh supply of runner beans from the allotment and gave her half of a runner bean.

She took it with great delight, ate it at once, and only then went back to the cake.

I love a three year old who appreciates allotment veg!
I just got to a series of posts from 2014 Wiscon harassment meltdown. Ah, memory lane.
Previous models set first occupation significantly later. Much earlier and the first humans on the path to Australia would have left footprints in the still-cooling ashes of the Toba eruption.
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Sometime in the late sixties, I was in my local newsagent's in a small town in the north of England when I saw a copy of Analog. I had heard of the magazine as my local library had anthologies from it, but I'd never seen a copy before.

When I started Leeds university in 1970, I discovered it was usually available from W.H. Smith's in the railway station and I started collecting it. And when I got to London after graduating it was easily available at Smith's all over town, not to mention the speciality bookshops like Forbidden Planet.

Sometime in the early nineties, this stopped but I found I could order it from Andromeda. When they went out of business, I discovered I could now subscribe to it from the publisher's website and have been doing so ever since. (Although issues do seem to occasionally go astray and I have to contact their customer service team to get replacements.)

I was in W.H. Smith's just now and there were several copies of the July/August issue of Analog on their magazine racks. I haven't seen that for over twenty years!
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([personal profile] james_davis_nicoll Jul. 19th, 2017 10:12 pm)
Reliable sources report the death of Jordin Kare.
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The "Great Repeal Bill" is trying to chip away at human rights protection for UK citizens. I'm amazed that the Tories think this is a good idea; do they expect to be in power forever? Petition from 38 Degrees here